Targeting “Snackalicious Community” Worldwide via Digital Platforms

How can India Snack Brands with global presence target India snack loving diaspora AKA “Snackalicious Community” by leveraging digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.
“I’m not addicted to snacks, I just have a strong relationship with them.” — Unknown
In the digital age, the world is more connected than ever before. Indian snacks, with their exclusive flavours and familiar tastes, have found a special place in the hearts of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) around the globe.
To reach these eager taste buds, savvy Indian snack companies with global presence and export platform in place, are adopting and leveraging the power of Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.
The Indian diaspora is widely dispersed across the globe, but it’s important to note that in recent years, the USA, UK, Canada, and Dubai have emerged as vibrant centers for NRI digital marketing, driven by the significant size, cultural affinity, and digital connectivity of these communities.
However notably, in recent years, the USA, UK, Canada, and Dubai have risen as thriving hubs for NRI digital marketing. This trend is propelled by the substantial population, cultural alignment, and digital connectivity within these communities.
Understanding the NRI Market: The NRI community is as diverse as the snacks they love. These individuals share a common longing for the tastes and comforts of home. Here’s a closer look at how Indian snack companies are reaching out to NRIs in these four regions via digital platforms:
Indian snacks companies are increasingly targeting Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) for several compelling reasons:
· Familiar Taste and Nostalgia: NRIs often have a strong emotional connection to their home country and its culinary traditions. Indian snacks can evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort by offering the flavors and tastes they grew up with.
· Diverse Snacking Options: Indian cuisine offers a wide range of snacks, from spicy namkeens to sweet treats like mithai. These diverse snacking options cater to different tastes and preferences, making them appealing to a broad audience, including NRIs
· Growing NRI Population: The Indian diaspora is vast and continually growing and this large and expanding customer base provides a significant market opportunity for Indian snacks companies.
· E-commerce and Global Shipping: The growth of e-commerce and international shipping has made it easier for Indian snacks companies to reach NRIs across the world. This accessibility has expanded the market reach for these companies, making it more feasible to cater to the global NRI audience.
· Exponential Growth of Communities and Social Media: NRIs often form online communities and social media groups that celebrate Indian culture and cuisine. Indian snacks companies can leverage these platforms to connect with their target audience, receive feedback, and build brand loyalty.
· Health-Conscious Variants: Indian snacks companies have adapted to changing consumer preferences by offering healthier versions of traditional snacks. They are creating options that are lower in fat, sugar, and salt to meet the demands of health conscious NRIs.
1. The USA — A Flavorful Melting Pot:
With a sizable Indian diaspora, the United States is a treasure trove of opportunities for snack companies. Here, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram play a pivotal role in targeting NRI consumers.
Facebook: To capture the attention of NRIs in the USA, Indian snack companies craft compelling Facebook ads. These ads often feature mouthwatering images of samosas, namkeens, and other favorites. They also leverage precise targeting to reach NRI communities, ensuring their ads pop up on the screens of those most likely to indulge in a nostalgic snack break.
Instagram: Instagram is all about visuals, making it the perfect platform to showcase the vibrant colors and textures of Indian snacks. Companies post delectable images and behind-the-scenes stories, fostering a sense of connection and trust.
Google Ads: In a country as vast as the USA, Google Ads are the go-to tool for reaching NRIs searching for their favorite snacks. Indian snack companies use carefully chosen keywords to ensure that when an NRI in the USA searches for ‘spicy Indian snacks,’ they find the perfect snack company.
2. The UK — A Slice of Home:
Across the Atlantic, the UK boasts a substantial Indian community. Here, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads provide unique opportunities to cater to the snack cravings of NRIs.
Facebook: Companies create engaging Facebook content tailored to the UK NRI community. They often host interactive challenges, like the ‘Spicy Snack Showdown,’ to foster brand engagement and excitement.
Instagram: Instagram Stories take center stage in the UK. Snack companies use the ‘Swipe Up’ feature to lead consumers directly to their online stores, making snack ordering as easy as a finger tap.
Google Ads: Google’s robust ad platform ensures that Indian snacks are just a click away for UK NRIs. By bidding on targeted keywords, companies increase their visibility and conversions.
3. Canada — A Taste of India:
Canada is another destination where Indian snacks have carved out a flavourful niche. Here, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads are the secret ingredients to success.
Facebook: Companies leverage Facebook to create ‘Snack Diaries’ that narrate the journeys of Indian snacks from India to Canada. These stories resonate with the NRI community and help build a strong emotional connection.
Instagram: Instagram’s ‘Shop Now’ feature is a game-changer. It allows NRIs in Canada to purchase snacks directly through the platform, simplifying the buying process.
Google Ads: By bidding on localized keywords, Indian snack companies ensure they appear in the top search results when Canadians seek Indian snacks online. This ensures a steady stream of orders from the NRI community..
4. Dubai — A Spicy Oasis:
Dubai is home to a vast and diverse Indian population, making it a prime market for Indian snack companies. Here, the power of Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads is harnessed to its full potential.
Facebook: Companies tailor Facebook content to the tastes of Dubai’s NRI community. They often run contests where winners receive a one-year supply of their favorite Indian snacks, fostering brand loyalty and enthusiasm.
Instagram: Instagram’s ‘Stories’ feature is a hit in Dubai. Companies showcase sneak peeks of new flavors, promotions, and limited-edition snacks, creating buzz and demand.
Google Ads: In Dubai, where convenience is king, Indian snack companies ensure their products are just a click away. By using precise keyword targeting, they appear prominently in the search results when NRIs in Dubai seek to satisfy their snack cravings.
In the realm of NRI marketing, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads have become the primary vehicles for reaching Indian snack aficionados. Through engaging content, precise targeting, and the convenience of online shopping, snack companies successfully bridge the gap between their delicious offerings and the eager palates of NRIs in the USA, UK, Canada, and Dubai.
In summary, Indian snacks companies are targeting NRIs due to the potential for growth, the emotional connection to traditional flavors, the adaptability of snacks to changing dietary preferences, and the convenience offered by modern packaging and e-commerce channels. These factors make the NRI market a lucrative and strategic choice for these companies.
About the author:
Written by Kamlesh Dixit and Hitesh Mapara — They are founders of the award-winning global integrated digital marketing agency DigiPaaji,, is an integrated 360 digital performance marketing agency, headquartered in Mumbai & having physical offices in the USA, UK, Canada, and Dubai. They are serving global clients in different sectors in solving their digital marketing challenges.
In the Retail and QSR sector, has helped several India snack brands and manufacturers by extensively leveraging digital platform solutions in NRI targeting, Generating qualified leads; PPC campaigns; SEO; Indian diaspora targeting campaign; Creating pre-launch awareness; Immersive creative media; Project videos and explainer videos, and Online Reputation Management
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